Modern Art For Sale – original artwork by British Artist Sarah Berger

Modern art paintings for sale

Modern art paintings for sale

Sarah specialises in modern abstract art paintings which are original, one-off pieces of artwork, not flat printed canvasses that are sold worldwide. The Modern Abstract Art paintings are highly textured, creating shape that catch the light in any room.

What is modern art?

The abstract art is a trend that looks set to continue long into the future. If you’re looking for a bold art piece, or simply looking to refresh your walls and add colour or texture to a room, this sort of painting could be right for you.

Abstract art is art that does not try to represent life or the world accurately, but instead uses shapes, colours and forms to achieve its effect.

Abstract art is all about interpretation, it doesn’t say “I’m a landscape, or I’m a vase.” It’s art that wants you to have an open, inquiring mind and asks you to find your own meaning in the piece. This is a personal thing and the meaning will be personal to yourself, and different to everyone.


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Modern art for sale
Modern art for sale
Modern art for sale
Original Abstract Wall Art UK
Modern art for sale

FAQ – Your questions answered by British Artist Sarah Berger:

Do you paint bespoke art commissions?

Most of my artwork is painted to order on a commission basis, hence it is easily tailored to your own wishes. For example on a particular canvas size, together with your colour choices. I specialise in original contemporary canvas art, in essence  original art that is hand painted, to the highest standards. You are paying for a one-of-a-kind piece of art,

notably full of texture and character. This is very different from mass produced cheaply printed canvas artwork owned by thousands of people worldwide.

What style of modern art is this?

I paint original modern art, original canvas art, bespoke canvas artwork, textured canvas art, specifically in an abstract and expressive style. All art is original art & hand-painted, from my Reading studio in the UK. Subjects are mainly from nature, whether that is an abstract sea painting, or a contemporary metallic textured canvas.

Do you only create abstract sea paintings?

I am a little fixated on abstract seascape paintings, firstly because I love what you can express via a seascape. Secondly, I love the range of colours that nature inspires. I use a range of textures alongside a range of colours on my original abstract paintings and commissions. However, additionally I paint modern abstract art on commission. Hence, if you are looking for artwork to suit your home décor such as a a gold, silver or blue canvas, then you can commission me.

Where can you see more of your work?

As a professional UK Artist, alongside selling via this website, I also sell my original art via other channels.

What canvas size do you use for your original abstract art?

Commissioned abstract sea painting art can be bespoke, ultimately to your preferred canvas size and shape. Prefer a square original abstract art canvas? No problem! In general however, ultimately I do tend to paint large art canvas and extra large art canvas from 100cm upwards. However, just get in touch to discuss your individual canvas size needs, as my artwork is available in any size that you need.

What should I expect in terms of delivery of the artwork?

Please allow around 7-10 working days before dispatch, since a bespoke commissioned artwork needs to be painted to order. Likewise you will need to allow for delivery in the UK. For original artwork that is in stock, however, and therefore marked as “available” on this website, your dispatch will be in 2-3 working days. I use Parcelforce Worldwide 48-hour courier door to door service, specifically for delivery direct from my studio.