How to buy affordable original art from British Artist

How to buy affordable original art for less!

What is the cost of original art in the UK?

Do you ever wander past art galleries and something catches your eye? You walk back and admire the stunning artwork. Still gazing at it longingly until your eyes move to the price tag…then your jaw drops?! In fact, updating the artwork on your walls is one of the easiest, while most effective ways of revamping your home. However, it doesn’t have to be the most expensive way.

Where can you buy original art on a budget?

We know it can be hard to find the right British artist piece to suit your style – as well as a low cost budget. Buying original art for your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and you don’t have to be an expert to find it! 

As a wide variety of artworks are simply too expensive for many people in the UK, Sarah has tried to price her contemporary art inexpensively. Besides, who has the £2500+ that many artists price their art at.

Can you buy original art direct from the artist studio rather than a gallery?

Yes you can buy affordable art direct from the artist! Sarah Berger’s paintings are highly collectable and are available in selected galleries in the UK. However, you can buy direct from the studio (which saves on the commission you would have to pay). Going direct to the artist is a great way to save money on original art.

Buy art from emerging British Artists

OK maybe this is harder than it sounds! It’s easy to find artwork from well known British artists, but can you spot who has promise, so you can buy art online while its still affordable? Affordable art online can be found on online art galleries or at art fairs, or even simply on Instagram!

British artist Sarah Berger sells only original artwork, not flat printed canvasses that are sold worldwide. Your artwork will be a one-of-a-kind low cost original artwork just for you. And with prices being reasonable and likely to go up in value over time, grab yourself a low cost, high value, affordable British art canvas as a great investment idea.

Affordable British Art

Affordable original art

Brighter Days Are On The Way £795

100cm x 100cm

Inspired by coming out of 2020 and the release of the covid vaccines, I wanted to paint an original abstract art piece to inspire hope of brighter days to come this year.

“Looking over silver grey sea under the golden sunset, the distant horizon provides hope for the days ahead.”

Very large 100cm x 100cm original abstract art painting using acrylic paints, on stretched canvas on top of wooden frame.

Original British art, painted with white, silver, grey and gold, plus modelling clay for the mixed media texture – producing an original 3D appearance on the waves that catch any light in your room with gold highlights. Finished with two layers of UV sealant varnish and signed on the back.


Affordable Original Art

affordable original art
affordable original art
affordable original art
affordable original art
affordable original art
affordable original art

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