British Artist Sarah Berger: My Story

I grew up in North Yorkshire and have always drawn and painted from a young child. I was always to be found with my sketch book in hand after school. Thankfully my parents were happy to indulge this little Yorkshire lass. As such, they bought me my first set of watercolours and an easel at the age of 11.

Since then I have painted as a hobby, choosing a career that used my artistic ability in graphic design. The prospect of making a living creating design concepts was simply irresistible to me! I just adored using my creative side on a daily basis, and it never felt like the run of the mill 9 to 5. If you do what you love, you love your work, and are truly blessed.

And so, my work continued, and drawing continued to be my passionate hobby. Friends and family started taking an interest when I moved into a new phase of my art, namely painting. “I’d like that one on my wall” they would say. Very quickly my art started leaving my house and being displayed in their homes. A huge fan of abstract art, I just loved expressive painting.

British artist

Becoming a British Artist

After having a family of my own and putting the paint brush away for a while, I finally picked it back up after much persuasion from my amazing husband. The pleasure came back to me immediately, I would literally look forward to getting my “work” completed for the day so I could carry on with my painting. I’d go to bed at night imagining my next experimental abstract piece. Painting became a daily habit, sometimes painting whilst cooking dinner for the family!!

The kitchen started to look like an artist studio, and soon I began dreaming about a separate garden room. Just for me, my canvas and my paints (without worrying about the beautiful white kitchen floor!).

Thoughts started creeping in about making a transition into being a full time British Artist. But would I just end up with a room full of pieces and have no income? Bolstered by the fact that my family and friends had asked for my works. Plus, more surprisingly, hadn’t taken the art down after many years, I thought well if you don’t try you will never know Sarah! That’s when I created this website, and started selling art piece by piece to clients around the UK. And what’s better, I finally got my art studio in the garden!

British abstract art

Acrylics and mixed media are my absolute favourites, and right now I have an intense passion for metallics. Blues and golds feature heavily in recent art (and my home décor by the way!). I just love gold and silver as well as copper. Texturing is also a favourite, and I’m currently loving the recent popularity of highly textured artwork. If you have never tried this, but love painting, I really do recommend it for the most satisfying bit of art therapy!

Though I still paint to express myself and just for the love of it, the difference is that I’m now a full time British Artist. Still, I look forward to every piece that I create. I am compelled to share my inspiration and passion for light, water, abstract, expressionism. The fact that I am doing what I love hopefully comes across in my work. I want my customers to love their purchase and give them the same joy that I had from painting it!