Commissioning A Painting


Commissioning A Painting – A Guide To Commissioning Original Art 

Step 1 – what you can commission

Normally, when a client approaches me when commissioning a painting, it’s because they have seen my other works and would like to commission their own piece in either a different size, or because the original has already been sold. I also get lots of requests based on a current piece but in a colour palette that would better suit the clients interior decor.

Step 2 – the artist brief

In most cases, my clients have a clear vision with specific requirements for size, colors and theme when they do decide to commission an original painting. Sometimes however I do get approached with requests such as “can you paint an abstract piece of my garden” using specific colours. But other than that the brief is wide open! This is absolutely fine with me too! 

Step 3 – artist and client agreement

We will chat with you about the space that you have available for the artwork. You could even sent me photos of the space and the room that you have in mind.  Then we will agree on colours, style and size before I make a start. I will also give you an estimated timeframe. Normally commissions can be completed within 2-3 weeks (allowing for drying time) and courier is by Parcelforce 48 hour insured service. I will take 50% deposit at this point (this simply gets rid of any time wasters!). The other 50% is taken once all work is complete and you have agreed to sign off.

Step 4 – the process

During the painting process itself, I will email/message you photos and videos of my progress. I want you to see how your painting is progressing and input any preferences and alterations that you would like me to make. This stage really ensures that by the end of the commission you are already 100% thrilled with your bespoke art commission. At the end of the painting I will ask if you have any final tweaks, and if the painting is ready for sign off by yourself. Then its simply a matter of allowing for the art to dry, as well as signing on the front (or the back if you prefer) and sealing. 

Step 5 – art commission payments and pricing

 “How much does it cost to commission a painting?”. This is a question I get asked many times, whether that’s via Instagram or even through one of my art galleries. The straightforward answer is that my commissions fall in line with the pricing of the other works on this website. So, as a general rule, if a painting is around 100cm x 100cm, a commission of the same size will cost around the same. 

One of the advantages of commissioning is obviously that you can have artwork sizes that are much bigger than the ones offered by one of my galleries or on this website. With increased size comes increased cost, though it’s all still in line with my regular pricing.

Delivery is extra. Price does include VAT. The artwork is all ready to hang, but does not include a frame. These can be organised by the client, or I can provide this at additional cost.

Feel free to get in touch to discuss your individual size requirements and get a price for your bespoke artwork commission.