Blue Paintings

Discover stylish, original blue paintings in the designer collection of wall art by British Artist Sarah Berger. Abstract Blue Paintings: bold, eye-catching designs to add colour and style to any room.

Blue Paintings By Artist Sarah Berger

Presenting the blue paintings collection with textured blue paintings or textured blue wall art by artist Sarah Berger. This artwork exudes a sense of luxury and refinement, thanks to its expertly crafted combination of blue elements. The delicate brushstrokes of blue enhance the overall composition, creating a harmonious balance between the vibrant blues.

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  • Pink Wall Art "Spring Blossoms"

    Pink Wall Art “Spring Blossoms” £POA

  • Gold Abstract Art "Celestial"

    Gold Abstract Art “Celestial” £POA

  • Gold Abstract Art "Spring in Cornflower Blue"

    Gold Abstract Art “Spring in Cornflower Blue” £POA

  • Sold Blue abstract paintings "The Deep Blue"

    Blue abstract paintings “The Deep Blue” £POA

  • Sold Abstract Teal Paintings "Ocean Eyes"

    Gold Abstract Seascapes Art “Ocean Eyes (triptych)” £POA

  • Blue Paintings - Ocean Vibes

    Abstract Blue Paintings “Ocean Vibes” £POA

  • Gold and Blue Abstract Paintings 'Aphrodite"

    Gold and Blue Abstract Seascape Paintings “Aphrodite” £POA

  • Abstract Blue Wall Art Paintings 'The Deep"

    Blue Paintings ‘The Deep” £POA

  • Sold Blue Abstract Art

    Blue Abstract Seascapes Art Paintings “Sapphire Midnight” £POA