Quintessa Art

Introducing the “Essence”, or “Quintessa” Art Collection

Quintessa, meaning “Essence” is a collection of textured paintings that transcend trends and become a lasting statement piece in any home or workspace. With a focus on muted elegance and refined aesthetics, these canvas paintings exude a sense of luxury that elevates the ambiance of any interior.
One of the distinctive features of the Quintessa artwork collection is the ability of these canvas paintings to leave a lasting impression. “Essence” takes its origins from the Latin word “Quintessa”, which is a fitting name for what we hope will be “the essence” of your interior design scheme.

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  • Sold Gold Abstract Art Paintings

    Gold Abstract Art Paintings “Pure Gold”

  • Sold Gold Abstract Art "Dreaming Of Cherry Blossom"

    Gold Abstract Art “Dreaming Of Cherry Blossom”