Set Of Paintings “Emergence” Diptych


Set Of Paintings By Artist Sarah Berger

Looking to enrich your collection with black and gold abstract art or black and gold wall art? Look no further. This artwork exudes a sense of luxury and refinement, thanks to its expertly crafted combination of black and gold elements. The delicate brushstrokes of black and gold enhance the overall composition, creating a harmonious balance between the deep black and the shimmering gold.

Set Of Paintings On Framed Canvas

This piece really does glimmer in any light, simply radiant with metallic gold highlights. Staple free edges, stretched on a deep wooden artist canvas internal frames.

  • Product type: Original Artwork
  • Product type: Painting
  • Color: Gold, Black
  • Style: Abstract
  • Subject: Abstract
  • Material: On Canvas
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Size: H:105 cm x W: 105 cm x D: 5 cm
  • Framed

Original Artwork - READY TO SHIP

Acrylic on stretched canvas

Complete Size of framed Work: H:105 cm x W:105 cm x D:5cm (Diptych 2 piece artwork each piece is 50cm wide and 100cm long)

Frame Size: H:105 cm x W:110 cm x D:3.7cm


Acrylic, clay, gold ink, and resin on 2 canvases, each canvas is 50x100x3.7cm, black woodgrain floating frames, ready to hang

"Born of clouds of dust, out of darkness comes light, out of despair comes hope, and life never ending."

The "Celestial" collection explores the illustrious energy within the heavens. The viewer is offered their own interpretation of "Celestial" that holds the deepest meaning for themselves alone, whether that is of the birth of stars and life itself, of the abode of their God, or "Elysium".

This original artwork is full of deep textures created by using artist clay, radiant with metallic ink highlights and balanced by shiny resin areas. This piece really does glimmer in any light, revealing a beautiful highly textured canvas in a deep frame, ready to hang.

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions105 × 110 × 3.6 cm
  Worldwide shipping available
  Estimated UK delivery: 1 week